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Introduction. Sleep Deprivation Is A Condition That Many

Introduction Sleep deprivation is a condition that many individuals have faced at some point in their life. The National Institute of Health categorizes sleep complications into two conditions known as sleep deprivation and sleep deficiency. According to the National Institute of Health an individual is experiencing sleep deprivation or deficiency if they haven t received the adequate amount of sleep or if they do not sleep well (National Institute of Health, 2007). An adult should receive approximately 7-8 hours of sleep per night in order to get a full night’s rest. About 70.6 percent of college students worldwide report obtaining less than eight hours of sleep, therefore they are considered sleep deprived (Hershner and Chervin,†¦show more content†¦Homeostatic process S is when the body is reliant on the accumulation of sleep-inducing (hypnogenic) substance in the brain, so while the need for sleep increases the wakefulness also continues (Goel, 2017). Circadian process C is wh en the body suggests control of an â€Å"endogenous circadian pacemaker,† which is the body’s internal process and alertness levels. Both processes impact the wake/sleep cycle. When a person gets about seven to eight hours of sleep you hit a stage of sleep called REM sleep, which is the last stage of sleep (Nevid, 2013, p. 173). â€Å"REM sleep normally occurs every 90-120 minutes approximately 4-5 times in a typical night, with each REM sleep period growing progressively longer, with the last episode near rise time† (Hershner, 2014). When an individual lacks a full night of sleep they may become a little â€Å"groggy† the next day, but will still be able to push through the day. Affects from Sleep Deprivation In addition, sleep deprivation slows down a person’s reaction time, impairs their attention, concentration, and problem solving ability, which makes it difficult for remembering things. â€Å"As many as 15 percent of Americans don’t get the help they need because of lifestyle factors, such as demanding work schedules and caregiving responsibilities† (Minerd Jasmer, 2006). This affects many young adults due to their high demanding schedule between school and work. Sleep deprivation is a serious condition, although shortShow MoreRelatedSleep Deprivation Essay883 Words   |  4 PagesOutline Sleeping Deprivation General Purpose: To inform. Specific purpose: Sleep is a precious gift that allows people to rest. Not getting enough rest on a constant basis can lead to greater problems, even death Organizational Pattern: Introduction I. Blame It On the Light Bulb.  Ã‚  College students and individuals around the world are suffering from a health problem that can be more detrimental to their health than some forms of cancer.  Ã‚  What is it?  Ã‚  Sleep Deprivation II. People areRead MoreInvestigating Altered States of Consciousness Essay707 Words   |  3 An altered state of consciousness takes many forms such sleep, dreams, hypnosis, coma and the effects of psychoactive drugs. Learning about these altered states of consciousness helps us learn why we have these different altered states and how and why we benefit from it. Altered states of awareness can be caused by drugs and are also associated with clinical conditions like schizophrenia. Freud ‘viewed the unconscious mind â€Å"as the repositoryRead MoreSleep Deprivation On College Students1488 Words   |  6 Pages Sleep Deprivation in College Students Stress Management Betty Diaz August 14, 2017 Abstract A common problem in many young adults in college is sleep deprivation. College students are some of the most sleep deprived people. Their sleep hygiene behavior is worse than adults. An adequate amount of sleep time is 7 to 8 hours each night to complete a regular sleep cycle. When college students have less sleep time, they are disturbing their sleeping cycle and their bodies respond by decreasing theirRead MoreThe Effects Of Sleep And Sleep Deprivation On The Body1267 Words   |  6 PagesEffects of Sleep and Sleep Deprivation Has on the Body. Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about why we need sleep and what happens if you are sleep deprived. Thesis: Sleep is crucial for any living creature and lacking an adequate amount of sleep is detrimental to health. Introduction Attention Getter: Many of us will spend about a third of our lives sleeping, yet don’t know why we need sleep or how important it is for the body. Did you know you can die faster from sleep deprivation than foodRead MoreHow Does Lack Sleep Affect 11-18 Year Old Adolescent?1142 Words   |  5 Pageslack of sleep affect 11-18 year old adolescent? Introduction What is sleep? Sleep is â€Å"A condition of body and mind which typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the nervous system is inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended†. People spend, on average, approximately a third of our life asleep. Along with eating, drinking and breathing, sleeping is one of the pillars for maintaining good mental and physical health. Sleep is reallyRead MoreThe Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On College Students Essay1319 Words   |  6 Pages Sleep deprivation is a frequent obstacle that many college students in America face. Insomnia in college students can have an immense impact on psychological and physical health, which greatly influence academic success. Research shows that 70% of college students qualify as sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation has also been linked with several diseases/disorders, including: depression, anxiety, and obesity. Our research question invest igated how sleep deprivation in college students affectsRead MoreThe Effects Of Food And Sleep Deprivation During Civilian1499 Words   |  6 PagesBRIEF REPORT Effects of Food or Sleep Deprivation During Civilian Survival Training on Clinical Chemistry Variables Lars Stà ¥hle, MD, PhD; Elisabeth Granstrà ¶m, MD, PhD; Ewa Ljungdahl Stà ¥hle, PhD; Sven Isaksson, PhD; Anders Samuelsson, PhD; Mats Rudling, MD, PhD; Harry Sepp From the Department of Clinical Pharmacology (Dr L Stà ¥hle) and the Department of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes (Dr Rudling), Karolinska University Hospital at Huddinge, Karolinska Institute, Huddinge, Sweden; the DepartmentRead MoreThe Effects Of Being Sleep Deprived1292 Words   |  6 PagesNegative of effects of being sleep deprived From the introduction of the research it talks about sleep which is an important element of the human body condition and if properly obtained can lead to effective performance from our dayto-day activities, but nowadays people tend to deprive themselves of getting enough sleep either by carrying out some activities like working late at night, student doing their assignment or research late at night. Sleep is very necessary and when not obtained we beganRead MoreInformative Speech on Michael Jackson3232 Words   |  13 Pagesfascinatingly distinct cat breeds: Siamese, Manx, Chartreux, and Turkish Angora. I. Siamese II. Manx III. Chartreux IV. Turkish Angora Spatial – Thesis/Preview: Today, I will discuss three types of cats based on their shelters or living conditions: the pet cat, the feral cat, and the pseudo-wildcat. I. Pet Cat - Homes II. Feral Cat – Buildings and Streets III. Pseudo-Wildcat – Nomadic Event – Topic: World War II Chronological (Time) – Thesis/Preview: Today, I will give you anRead MoreNight Terrors And Sleep Nightmares1290 Words   |  6 Pages INTRODUCTION A night terror or sleep terror is a very frightful event that a child and parents go through. Many parents who have a child who experiences night terrors have many questions. What is a night terror? How did he/she get night terrors? What are the symptoms? What can I do to stop night terrors? Those are many questions that parents and family members want answered by a doctor, psychologist or therapist. Unfortunately, they won t receive many answers Night terrors also known

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