Monday, November 18, 2019

Annotate bibliography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Annotate bibliography - Essay Example Thus, all the authors were accredited medical practitioners in wellness programs. Consequently, all the articles selected were secondary sources since information pertaining to workplace wellness programs were derived from pre existing data of existing employer workplace programs. The article delves into the identification of risk factors affecting employee health, and consequently formulating appropriate mitigation mechanisms that are concomitant to workplace lifestyle and logical change process. Moreover, the authors have cited employer initiatives for actively involving and engaging workers in the wellness program. The sole aim is for workers to have a healthier personal outlook, minimize workplace stress and better working environment. Consequently, intervention wellness programs highlighted include the creation of health education plan against smoking, healthy nutrition choice, weight loss program, control of alcohol consumption, and individual stress reduction regiments. Lastly, the article defines the ultimate goals employee wellness programs. These are to increase employer and employee satisfaction through the decrease in absenteeism, enhanced productivity, and better interpersonal relationship between all the actors in the work environment. The article reiterates the importance of wellness programs to both employees and community at large. Consequently, the authors state that workplace health and wellness programs extends to the community by raising awareness on preventive measures for common diseases, like diabetes, obesity, cardio vascular disease, and high blood pressure. Furthermore, Edelman et al. emphasize on the importance of creating wellness as well as motivating employees to participate in the program. Thus, the authors recommend employee programs such as flexible work hours, sufficient break periods, psychosocial support, and reward systems for workers actively involved in the wellness

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