Thursday, November 21, 2019

Crimnal Justice Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Crimnal Justice - Coursework Example The two killers also poured hydrochloric acid on the genitals, as well as the face of Frank with the aim of hiding the identity of their victim (Wolcott & Head, 2010). The primary characteristics of the wounds found on the victim were the marks of the chisel used to strike Frank in the head. In addition, there was a cloth that the criminals shoved down the throat of the victim, which led to suffocation that eventually killed Frank. Other primary characteristics included the disfigured face and genitals of Frank, which indicated that a corrosive had been poured on the boy’s body (Wolcott & Head, 2010). The key evidence in the crime scene was a pair of glasses, which belonged to one of the criminals (Leopold). As evidence, the glasses were traced to the original source, which was the seller. The original source was quite instrumental since it was useful in tracing the real owner of the glasses. From the investigation conducted, it was evident that the unique glasses had been sold by one of the stores in Chicago area. In the entire Chicago, only three pairs of such glasses had been sold, with one pair belonging to Leopold (Wolcott & Head, 2010). The motive for killing the victim was to eliminate any evidence and ensure that the criminals cannot be traced. If the culprits only asked for a ransom, and set their victim free, they could be easily identified since one of the killers was a cousin to the victim. The other possible motive for killing was to make headlines. The killers wanted to commit a crime that would attract countrywide and worldwide attention. They seemed to gain satisfaction from being read about in all newspapers about the crime they had committed (Wolcott & Head, 2010). The crime by Leopold and Loeb can be regarded as a homicide that falls under the category of first degree murder. This is because the two planned to kill their victim, Bobby Frank. Their intention to kill the victim and stuff his body

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