Monday, November 25, 2019

charles dickens essays

charles dickens essays charles *censored*en's early life was greatly influential in his most famous novels. his childhood was full of tragedies and problems. *censored*ens needed to overcome several obstacles so that he could have a chance at an education. after defeating these hurdles, *censored*ens wrote the novels that have entertained many people for many generations. most of the obstacles that *censored*ens had to face were in his childhood. as a very young child, his father began to go into debt. eventually john *censored*ens was jailed for excessive debt and charles had to work at a boot blackening factory. *censored*ens was able to continue his education after hsi father received a legacy from a relative. not only was his childhood full of hardships, but his young adulthood years were also troublesome. *censored*en's early adulthood was another very infuential period of his life. he became more familiar with writing while working as a newspaper reporter and a free lance reporter in a commons court. also charles met his first love, maria beadnell. he broke off the relationship with her, and later wrote unflattering versions of her in several of his novels like in little dorrit. later *censored*ens met catherine hogart, and then married her. even though she died at a very young age, the had a son. *censored*ens used catherine as an influence in his famous novels. *censored*ens' most adored novel, a christmas carol is still used in many versions in today's society. many movies have come out about this wonderful story. the main character, scrooge, is a grumpy old man, who does not believe int he christmas season. he is met by 3 spirits during christmas eve. the 3 spirits show him the past present and future, so that he will learn how to be giving and loving. in the end of the story, scrooge's ice cold heart melts and he becomes a loving and caring man. a christmas carol is considered to be one on ...

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